Sustainable design: Our commitment

“Daniel Chong offers the best design, betting on the use of sustainable and recycled materials.”

At Daniel Chong , as you surely know, we try to support local businesses by buying most of the materials that we use in small businesses in Madrid and we are also totally committed to the environment . That is why we are constantly changing and experimenting with new recycled materials to always offer you the best quality.

This commitment means that we are periodically including new fabrics, thus further expanding the variety of fabrics in our backpacks and bags , all of them totally respectful of the environment and made with recycled and sustainably produced materials .

"We are in a continuous research process to ensure that our product is 100% respectful of the environment."

Among the new incorporations of fabrics, we can find fabrics made from recycled garments , from which the cotton thread is extracted and thus allows a new use for old clothes. This prevents excess textile waste from being created, thereby reducing the burden on landfills and incinerators, as well as reducing reliance on virgin raw materials, chemical and water use, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Another of the star materials of these new fabrics is the thread made from recycled plastic bottles . In addition to being 100% recycled and sustainable, this material helps to give resistance to our fabrics, thus contributing to the durability of our backpacks and bags.

“Recycled materials not only help preserve the environment, they also give fabrics a resistance that other materials cannot.”

Therefore, if you are looking for the best quality of fabrics combined with a current and exclusive design , come to one of our stores or authorized points of sale and start being part of the Daniel Chong community .