About us

Hi, I'm Daniel Chong.

I studied Design and Audiovisual Communication at the University of Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and did a specialization in Marketing and Advertising at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

I finished my degree in 2009. While working as an administrator in a company, I began to shape my brand of accessories.

I find inspiration in people who take risks, who are excited. Also in music, theater and in all kinds of artistic expression. Film composition has helped me a lot in my work, both in color and in shapes. But above all, traveling and learning about new cultures inspires me.

Our materials

We use fabrics made from recycled garments, from which the cotton fiber is extracted again, thus closing the cycle of a garment, preventing the creation of excess textile waste, thus reducing the load on landfills and incinerators, in addition to the reduction in dependence on virgin raw materials, chemicals, water, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Another star material of the fabrics we use is made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition to being 100% recycled and sustainable, this material helps to give resistance to our fabrics, thus contributing to the durability of our backpacks and bags, achieving waterproof and sustainable products.

We offer upholstery fabrics, vegan leathers and vegetable tanned cowhides. Since our fabrics are made from recycled materials, this allows us to collaborate with the industry. Starting from these materials, we offer to be able to combine them at ease in our atelier, from where we make all the combinations that we then make in our workshops.


We currently have 3 main workshops: The one in Lavapiés in Madrid, where the fabrics and combinations of materials are selected, and the workshops in Elche and Pamplona, where several women sew all our pieces with great care. Consonance is essential in our work teams to guarantee the essence and identity of our pieces.

Come visit us in Madrid
Orchards: Calle Moratín 17 - FLAGSHIP STORE
Plaza Mayor: Calle Imperial 5 - CONCEPT STORE
Lavapies: Calle del Amparo 42 - ATELIER

Gran Via: Street of disappointment 22 - BOUTIQUE

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Our products

Our pieces have the possibility of being combined in infinite ways in terms of shape, size and color. Although we do not define our collections by seasons, we do have favorite prints for the summer capsule collections, where stripes always predominate.

The materials themselves inspire us when creating new products, always basing ourselves on what characterizes the brand, which is the use and presence of color.

All our pieces are lined with recycled cotton and both the backpacks and the bags have an inside pocket and a label with our phrase “don't forget to smile”. Large backpacks support up to 15 kilos and small ones up to 10 kilos.

The backpack handles are in high-end braided cotton that offer comfort, the short handles in vegetable tanned leather with reinforced rivets to balance the weight.

The base of our products are made of vegan leather, anti-chafing and waterproof, to withstand the impact of the ground.

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