It is quite common that we find ourselves with the questions Why don't you do discounts? When are you going to launch any promotion? Do you have any discount?

Customers do it for us in our stores, through social networks or our multi-brand points of sale; what do you see as many other brands, reduce their prices with sales and discounts to be attractive to the consumer and to be able to sell more quantity of product.

For us the answer is quite obvious: It goes against the philosophy that Daniel Chong has promoted since its foundation . It goes against our DNA, what we propose, what we are. We cannot preach Slow Fashion while offering discounts and promotions to increase the number of units sold. It would be incoherent, don't you think?

But we have more reasons to give you. Have you stopped to think what is behind a shirt that is reduced to 3, 4, 5 or 6 euros? Because you have to know even at those prices, the entrepreneur is making money. At least not losing it. It's simple, behind that there is cheap labor, work in poor conditions, and even slavery and animal abuse, not to mention poor quality fabrics and materials and dumping, waste and pollution in such quantity that we are destroying the planet. And all this is just what we fight against in Daniel Chong.

Sales, in fact, have become one more ritual , a necessity created for us to consume indiscriminately. Without us stopping to think if we really want or need what we are going to buy. they have us Transmitted, and we have believed, that the more things we have, the more we are worth. And little by little, the taste for things well done, for quality things, for things treated with love, for things made in conditions of respect, both for people, animals and the planet, has been lost . And this is something that Daniel Chong is not a part of. Our objectives, as you know, are the opposite.

There are studies that show that we only use 20% of the clothes we buy. And sales and discounts only serve to quell our anxiety and fill those cabinets that are already bursting at the seams. We are not proposing that people stop buying. We are proposing that you buy with conscience. Buy quality. To buy products, like our bags, that respect the environment, that do not generate waste, that respect workers and that, in addition, have enormous durability. We don't want you to have 15 bags, we want you to have two or three that will last you years.

Surely there are people who, due to their economic circumstances, believe that they can only afford discounted products. Our way of promoting conscious consumption for people who have a more limited budget is our OUTLET. In it you will find our products from other seasons, or one that has a small flaw. Same quality, same durability, lower price.

With this we want to transmit an educational message , not a reprimand to all those consumers who buy on sale. It is time to become aware and to know what is behind a cheap garment, a mass production, an indiscriminate sale. There are numerous articles or books with data and information. It's time to bet on fair fashion to measure the consequences of our daily actions. Because every purchase we make, every decision we make, has its consequence, has its effect. That is why our message is clear and forceful.

Don't stop buying; but don't buy too much, shop conscious, shop smart.