Daniel Chong in Ale's Pivot Magazine, Fall Edition

Under the art direction of Josh Santulla, founder of the magazine, and the lens of Valerie Cazares, Ale's Pivot Magazine has created an incredible lookbook with accessories from our brand. You can find it in the fall issue, Maverick.

Ale's Pivot is a media and production company focused on producing and sharing content related to equity and the experiences of BIPOC communities. Her magazine, Ale's Pivot Magazine, is home to the work of BIPOC designers and artists. It focuses on bringing together multiple BIPOC communities to act as the first network between consumers, BIPOC designers, artists and brands. Beyond the exhibition, Ale's Pivot aims to build an international network made up of its collaborators.

In their fall issue, Maverick, they place a special emphasis on championing creators and artists who have forged their own path and redefined the boundaries of expression in a stimulating and unprecedented way.

Magazine: Ale's Pivot Magazine ( @ales_pivot )
Art Direction/Magazine Founder: Josh Santulla
Photography: Valerie Cazares ( @vczrs )

Ale's Pivot Magazine, Fall 2023

Ale's Pivot Magazine, Fall 2023