Daniel Chong Spain, Craft Award for Crafts with Social Impact at the MADRID CRAFT WEEK 2023 AWARDS

It is with great joy and satisfaction that we share that we have been honored with the Craft Award for Crafts with Social Impact in the III edition of the Madrid Craft Week Awards. The Madrid Craft Week 2032 Awards recognize the effort, work and talent of the protagonists of this craft, in addition to highlighting craftsmanship from different areas, in 6 different categories.

This significant recognition was granted to us during the opening ceremony of Madrid Craft Week, held on Friday, November 24. For us, it is a true honor to have been distinguished among so many exceptional talents who value Spanish craftsmanship, craft culture and handmade design in Madrid.

This award is not only a testament to our commitment to the craftsmanship, quality and tradition of handmade, but also a recognition of the continuous efforts of our team and the tireless support of our community of artisans, collaborators and clients, who They have allowed us to advance on our path towards excellence.

We are extremely proud of this achievement, as it reflects our constant commitment to making in Spain, by hand and with sustainable materials. This award encourages us to continue our work to make a significant difference in the field of sustainable fashion.

We extend our most sincere gratitude to Madrid Craft Week for granting us this distinction. We will continue striving to continue bringing handmade products in Spain to the world.

The Madrid Craft Week Awards are held within the framework of Madrid Craft Week. Madrid Craft Week is a large craft fair from November 24 to December 3 in which quality, authenticity and handwork are celebrated, in a selection of shops in Madrid, which also offers a complete program of activities in around the world of crafts.

Daniel Chong - Craft Craftsmanship and Social Impact Award - Madrid Craft Week 2023

Daniel Chong - Craft Craftsmanship and Social Impact Award - Madrid Craft Week 2023